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We want you to wear something that you feel comfortable worshiping God in. For some people at Elm Street, that means a shirt and tie; for others, it means jeans and a t-shirt. A lot of people will wear slacks and a shirt. Again, wear what you feel comfortable worshiping God in; after all, that's why we're here. 


We have parking spots specified for our guests along the East side of the building (on 19th street) and in the adjacent parking lot. Just look for the spots marked "Visitor." All of our parking is very close to the building. We also have parking on the west side of the building near our family life center.



When you walk into the building, the best place to go is the Welcome Center. The Welcome Center is located in the enterance to the sactuary.  Greeters will be there ready to get to know you and take you to the proper Sunday School class or help you find the Worship Center. 


Sunday School is an extremely important aspect of Elm Street. It's here that you will find community and friends that will help you grow in your relationship with Jesus. A gifted Bible teacher will lead your class through a lesson, and then will help you to apply the Bible to your life.